Friday, November 28, 2008

Success Semimar began 11/10/08

"Keep your plans in sand and your goals in concrete."

Boy does that ring true for creating this publication. When will I relaunch? Who knows? Just thinking about that question gets me frustrated. So frustrated by the failure of the first glorious, soaring, crashing and burning attempt that ended in the spring of 2006 with the last printed issue after a two and a half year roller coaster ride. . . and frustrated because I have no idea HOW this will be the world's leading transformational publication, just KNOW that it will. Like a kid on Christmas Eve who can make out the unmistakable shape of the new bike but has to wait til the morning to ride it. Every day is a little bit like that for me.

I know that the key to success and to failure lies in me. And so all I can do is continue to seek out in the limitations in myself that supress the greatness of the intention of this magazine.

Am currently in the Landmark Education Success Seminar. 10 sessions in Dania, Florida. I started this blog again because I suspect that a lot of what I get out of this seminar will be relative to Being Magazine and want to share the progress along the way.

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