Thursday, December 27, 2007

Creating an organization to manage and execute the initiatives of Being Magazine distinct from me as a person is what I am now focused on.

I will serve as a consultant / CEO to the organzation and ultimately be accountable for its success.

You get what you measure. So what do I want?

To transform the media to a source of empowerment and inspiration. That's the game.

How do you measure the success of the game?

1. People are inspired to make a positive difference in their families, communities, and globally.

2. People are empowered to choose new ways of being that leave them enlivened and inspired.

3. Our publications are shared with others and the content is spread by our readers such that a new agreement for love, trust and peace is created by the media.

4. Our readers create the content and inform us of the difference it made for them.

Editorial features:

Civics and Community Involvement
Innovation in Business
Tools for Effective Communication
Inspirational Leaders
Financial Abundance (article title: 'plastic surgery' - cutting up credit cards)
Universal Laws
Access to Being
Relationships that Work
Health and Well Being
Earth and Our Environment
The Best of New Media
Organzation and Time Management

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Savannah, here we come

Looks like as fate would have it, the relaunch is headed for Savannah, Georgia.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Last night CNN featured 'The Secret.' It's always bittersweet for me to see things shaping up and forming my vision of the media transformed to a source of empowerment.

On the one hand, it's fulfulling and I'm thrilled it's actually happening.

On the other hand there's a competitive side of me that really gets annoyed.

1) Because CNN has the opportunity to broadcast and share The Secret with millions of views and I only have my website right now.

2) Because I feel like I've been promoting and broadcasting this 'new' information for years and it's MINE (proprietary).

3) I feel like every moment that passes by and I'm not publishing the print version of Being is a missed opportunity.

Instead of being present to the gift that life is in the present moment, I mourn each moment that passes without Being.

AND I'm living into a future where I'm committed to the success of ANOTHER publication (and that secretly pisses me off). Deep down I think I'm not doing as well as I could or would for the Hollywood Gazette since it's not MY baby. Although I am doing a great job - I know in my heart it's like a red-headed step-child and that I could give an extra 7% or so.

I KNOW I need to be grateful for what I have and look at this time and situation as being PERFECT because it is and everything happens as it should and is unfolding according to a greater plan unbeknownst to me. I just need to TRUST that everything is working towards the fulfillment of my deepest desires.

I feel like I'm stuck in a holding pattern where I'm not allowed to recieve the miracles the universe has in store for me just on the other sitde until I learn some lesson. Could it be gratitude? I feel it's been missing and I know it's essential.

But could it be THAT SIMPLE? I'm afraid that the lesson will be PAINFUL and that last few months have been so tumultuous that I'm happy to be back in my comfort zone again. Status quoing - not growing. :)

I'm also juggling a lot of responsibilities right now and also feel like if I glance away for a second, all the balls will drop.

Serving on committees, managing the Gazette, raising my 12-year old, relationship with hubby, admin for three websites, markeinting project with LE - I think it's time to delegate or something. I would like a personal assistant.

I digress.

I am creating a powerful context as I write - it is something like - Hollywood Gazette is the gateway to Being Magazine.

I'm learning SO much there - about budgeting, managing a team, developing a spine, results, sales, receivables, collections etc. I've always had the creative part down - but the business side still needs a little work.

So here's the opportunity to learn everything I need to know to bring Being back. I am choosing to be GRATEFUL for this oppotunity rather than see it as a speed bump ion the road of my dreams.

They say you don't always get what you want, but you get what you need.

So my first priority is to have HG work this year - to meet my monthly projections. Then to trust that everything I need to bring Being back will be provided to me in such a way that I will know it is time to transition over to it and give it another shot.

It feels so close.

Friday, January 26, 2007 is really starting to pick up steam. There are 10 visitors online at the is very moment. I'd like for them all to register. You can't see half the site unless you do.

Maybe I should pull all the cool features into the public shpere. It's a shame there's so many vistors and so few know they can send free inspirational e-cards (just created tonight!)

or listen to commercial free radio streaming from international stations. The community builder profiles are way cool. I'm creating an inspirational and empowering 'myspace.'

I've been using Joomla! for the past 6 months or so and I'm really loving it.

I've also created the sites for

It's open source with tons of support to teach yourself everything you need to publish a site just like or the other two I just mentioned.

I've been working every weekend on the site and I think it's starting to take shape. I'm feeling proud and accomplished tonight.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Breakthroughs at Hollywood Gazette

This week, at the ol' 'bread & butter' job (that's what my grandmother calls your primary source of income). I finally saw the results of a new product I implemented and brought into existence two months ago. It's a pull-out map & community resource guide to supplement the paper. We had record sales this month as a result and they are only expected to rise this year.

When I use the term 'breakthrough,' I don't mean that there was a slight improvement or that things are a little more, better or different versions of the past. I mean results that were unpredictable.

And that's what I'm interested in producing this year for Being, my health and the wealth of our family this. More than interested, I'm committed to breakthrough results.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Business Model

Today I had my weekly brainstorming session with my consultant, friend and business partner Jennifer Sabin. She's been advising me for months that the key to profitabiliy is in the distribution.

At last we aligned on a new distribution plan that revolutionalizes the traditional drop-off, direct-mail or subscription models. It will be the foundation of a successful relaunch. I'm very excited about this. I am starting to believe that my dream of bring Being back will be fulfilled this year. Bigger, better and more exciting than ever!

What I've learned over the past few years is that failure and mistakes are necessary to success. I'm no longer ashamed that my first attempt at Being failed. Starbucks nearly declared bankruptcy after it's 2nd year of business (so I've heard). It's navigating through those bumps in the road that define character.

If you have a dream, begin it now and don't give up. Never give up!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm bringing Being back!

I'm bringing Being back!

Being Magazine was created with the mission to transform media to a source of empowerment and inspiration in December 2003.

I published the first issue in the spring of 2004. By the spring of 2006 I published my last issue, took a job as a GM of another pubication and failed my first run at publishing Being.

I've been successful in the new publication despite much conflict in the workplace and have learned a lot of business lessons which I will apply to my second attempt at Being.

One of the things I need to begin publishing again is capital. For months I sought VC for the publication but the truth is, I really want to fund it myself. I don't need another loan to repay or to be under the control of a company who doesn't approve of my maverick leadership style so I've been saving up, again... to releauch this year.

I'm building this company back up from my own bootstraps and it's beginning to bubble again.

Yesterday I got an email from a prospective advertiser for my media kit. That's a good sign that the effort I've put into marketing the website has begun to pay off.

I have to come up with a new business and distribution model to meet the market for this magazine. This time, I will not offer subscriptions until I've published for two years solid. I will be a monthly, not a quarterly, and my distribution and circulation is reliable and consistent.
The big question is: by when will I relaunch?