Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm bringing Being back!

I'm bringing Being back!

Being Magazine was created with the mission to transform media to a source of empowerment and inspiration in December 2003.

I published the first issue in the spring of 2004. By the spring of 2006 I published my last issue, took a job as a GM of another pubication and failed my first run at publishing Being.

I've been successful in the new publication despite much conflict in the workplace and have learned a lot of business lessons which I will apply to my second attempt at Being.

One of the things I need to begin publishing again is capital. For months I sought VC for the publication but the truth is, I really want to fund it myself. I don't need another loan to repay or to be under the control of a company who doesn't approve of my maverick leadership style so I've been saving up, again... to releauch this year.

I'm building this company back up from my own bootstraps and it's beginning to bubble again.

Yesterday I got an email from a prospective advertiser for my media kit. That's a good sign that the effort I've put into marketing the website has begun to pay off.

I have to come up with a new business and distribution model to meet the market for this magazine. This time, I will not offer subscriptions until I've published for two years solid. I will be a monthly, not a quarterly, and my distribution and circulation is reliable and consistent.
The big question is: by when will I relaunch?

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