Sunday, January 14, 2007

Business Model

Today I had my weekly brainstorming session with my consultant, friend and business partner Jennifer Sabin. She's been advising me for months that the key to profitabiliy is in the distribution.

At last we aligned on a new distribution plan that revolutionalizes the traditional drop-off, direct-mail or subscription models. It will be the foundation of a successful relaunch. I'm very excited about this. I am starting to believe that my dream of bring Being back will be fulfilled this year. Bigger, better and more exciting than ever!

What I've learned over the past few years is that failure and mistakes are necessary to success. I'm no longer ashamed that my first attempt at Being failed. Starbucks nearly declared bankruptcy after it's 2nd year of business (so I've heard). It's navigating through those bumps in the road that define character.

If you have a dream, begin it now and don't give up. Never give up!

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